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19% – Goodbye Teens (and Bingo’s OAP-only image)

  • 03 May 08
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19% increase in online bingoThis month the heavily rotated estimation of a 19% rise in online bingo daily player numbers has been very much on our minds. Since September 2007 the figures have steadily crept up – in our opinion this is down to the new wave of television adverts and the number of new sites that are appearing across our bingo universe. The increasing awareness of what sites like Foxy , Mecca , Think Bingo and 888 Ladies have to offer allows players who are less inclined to go out of an evening (e.g. mothers and older players) to experience a bit of fun and meet like-minded people in the comfort of their own home.

We all love bonuses

Combine this with the number of fab sign up bonuses that are currently offered with up to 150% back on your first deposit and 50% on further deposits, from some sites, and there really is no reason why people wouldn't give online bingo a go. Online bingo is one of the fastest growing sectors in online gaming, and the numbers show its cross-generational appeal. With more sites appearing with male players in mind, the traditional stereotype of the elderly woman playing bingo on a regular basis truly is becoming a thing of the past.

It’s alright online!

Of course the media – specifically the tabloids – love to bemoan
figures such as these, stating that the country's going to the
dogs and there's much wringing of hands about gambling in the
UK to be had every time the subject of online bingo is brought up. This
is all very well – however, when you consider that a few of
the tabloid newspapers have set up bingo sites of their own,
criticising players and the general state of society while promoting the very thing you are criticising is very strange behaviour indeed.

More to go around

We think that an increase in player numbers can ultimately only lead to better promos and bonuses for
established players, as newbies seem to get all the enticing offers
that the TV ads demonstrate. The more players online the more the site
will put in the pot to retain that number and that can only mean better
payouts for all of us. Online operators will be pleased with
the news that player numbers are on the up, but we're pleased
too as it means there are more people out there to convert to Bingo
Hideout members!

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