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2009 – the year that bingo is set to go mobile

  • 03 Dec 08
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Bingo goes mobileIn times of an economic slump where casinos and live bingo are feeling the pinch and not always getting the numbers through the door, it makes sense to look around for other ways to reach players both old and new. This became apparent in London last week at the 5th Annual Mobile Gambling Summit for Europe.

The big bingo players

This event saw representatives from most of the big casinos and mobile providers meet to discuss how viable it would be to put versions of online bingo and casino games straight onto new mobiles.

This strategy means that the next time you upgrade your phone in 2009 you'll have access to your favourite game and maybe even your chosen bingo site without any effort at all.

Betting on the go

Speaking at the Summit, co-founder of Mfuse, Charles Palmer posited that since there has been a total of £100 million made in bets over mobiles in the last year, the trend of players turning to alternative means of play in the light of casino and bingo hall closure is set to continue.

With representatives from all the major UK mobile providers present at the summit, it is likely that we will see an explosion of new software competing in the mobile world next year.

What’s in the bingo crystal ball?

Of course, there are some bingo sites that have experimented with putting their games on mobiles already, but it will be interesting to see what the providers come up with if bingo is to become a standard feature on new phones. We look forward to experimenting with the new formats next year and look forward to hearing your reviews of the new games.

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