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6 Reasons to Play Online Bingo

  • 25 Mar 08
  • Written by

1. Freedom

There are many reasons to play online bingo
– not least the freedom of
schedule that this fabulous game offers. Live bingo is often constricted
to sessions every day and although often incorporates a social meeting
for friends, it doesn't allow for those of us whose lives don't
fit inside such a tight schedule. That's one of the reasons that
Internet bingo has become so popular. Those of us who fancy having a
quick daub, whether it’s the afternoon or middle of the night,
are not only able to play but can also meet and chat to others who feel
the same.

2. Unlimited Chat

Being able to chat with others with similar interests and lifestyles
to you also underlies the immense popularity of Internet bingo over live
bingo. When playing in a live hall it is possible to sit next to your best
friends and only ever chat between games as talking is seen as a distraction
in a hall. In online bingo, the players are always encouraged to chat and
are even rewarded for doing so. Chat is such an integral part of the
experience that it is incorporated in many of the tourneys and promotions
that many online bingo games offer.

3. Free For All

There are also many ways to get free play when you play bingo games
online. There are many sites that offer free games either in the form of
an overview of their bingo experience or as standard. Sites such as
offer players the option to play for free and collect points without
depositing money. This enables everybody to get involved with free
online bingo
, whereas live bingo doesn't have such a far-reaching
approach to audiences.

4. Loyalty is Always Rewarded

Another bonus you get from playing bingo games online are the points
for loyalty that most sites offer. These schemes come in many forms and
it's always a good idea to bone up on what your site offers you as a
result of loyal play before depositing your hard earned cash. Depending
on which site you register with you can convert loyalty points into cash,
Air Miles and prize draws. Other sites offer free play as a result of
loyal play so choose a loyalty scheme that rewards you in the way you'd
like best.

5. Big Money No Matter the Hour

There are also massive jackpots including progressive jackpots and
tourneys waiting to be played for no matter what the hour in online
bingo. Often unavailable or limited to weekly and busy sessions, live
bingo’s versions of these huge jackpots are eclipsed by the offer
of playing for a million pounds three times a week on certain sites.

6. Get Seen!

Lastly, once you've found the right site for you, where the
roomies are your sort of people, you can upload your photo and get your
photo in the site gallery. Often sites reward members who do this with
extra points and maybe a further mention in the newsletter or on-site.

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