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A flea in heaven? It’s Bingo lingo part 2!

  • 25 Feb 08
  • Written by admin

Here at Bingo Hideout, we are here to inform, and so here
is part 2 of our informative bingo calls run-down (read
One ). Here we are studying numbers 31 to 60, and we have included as
many explanations as possible for the, sometimes obscure, rhymes. You may
not find some of the calls you’re familiar with if you play a lot of
online bingo as some sites use their own bingo lingo, but we hope to have
covered all the most popular calls for anyone who’s not familiar with
the rhymes.

31.  Get up and run

32.  Buckle my show

33.  All the threes/Dirty knees/All the Trees Sherwood Forest/Gertie Lee

34.  Ask for more

35.  Jump and jive/Flirty Wives

36.  Three dozen/Perfect. Perfect refers to the measurements 36-24-36

37.  A flea in heaven/More than eleven

38.  Christmas cake

39.  Famous steps

40.  Naughty forty

41.  Time for fun/Life’s just begun

42.  Winnie the Pooh

43.  Down on your knees

44.  All the fours/ Droopy drawers/Open two doors

45.  Halfway House/ Halfway there/Cowboy’s friend

46.  Up to tricks

47. Four and Seven

48.  Four dozen

49.  Nick Nick/ PC/ Copper/Rise and Shine

50.  Blind 50/ Half a Century/Bulls Eye. Refers to the number of points needed for a bulls eye in the game of darts/Bung Hole

51.  Tweak of the Thumb

52.  Weeks in a Year/ Danny la Rue

53.  Stuck in the Tree/The joker

54.  Clean the floor/House of Bamboo. The House of Bamboo is a famous song.

55.  Alll the fives/ Snakes Alive/Bunch of Fives

56.  Was She Worth it?

57.  Heinz Varieties/All the Beans

58.  Choo Choo Thomas, Make Them Wait

59.  Engine59/Brighton Line. Named after the the London to Brighton bus service.

60. Blind 60/ Five Dozen

We hope that these overviews are helpful to our members and that
looking into the various calls you might encounter helps your game. If
you come across any calls that are not specific to the site you play on
that we have missed out please let us know, and we’ll update
our glossary accordingly.

You can also contact Bingo Hideout with any other ideas for
helpful articles or glaring oversights. Get onto the Bingo Hideout
forum and let us know of any suggestions you may have or email Ben
direct. Don’t be shy, let us know if you think there’s something we haven’t yet covered.

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