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Another blow to live bingo now the Caller Competition has had to go

  • 19 Jun 08
  • Written by

Bingo Hideout is sad to confirm that the 2008 Bingo Caller of the Year Competition has been suspended. Although the National Bingo Games Association has said the competition is to be reinstated as soon as possible in 'an exciting and further-reaching format', this is little consolation to those who were in the running this year.

So why has this happened? Sadly this is yet another example of the multitude of changes that are currently rocking the stability of the live bingo world. This suspension has come about as a result of the wider reaching changes in the world of live bingo that we have been discussing at Bingo Hideout recently are having.

The National Bingo Games Association have stated that this is due to 'the considerable challenges and issues facing the bingo industry at present' but we at Bingo Hideout think it's sad that those who contribute to the customer facing side of a struggling industry are being penalised instead of celebrated at this difficult time. After all double taxation and club closure are all issues affecting the game but they do not stem from the callers and bingo staff who go about entertaining us all on a night out at a live bingo club.

This suspension is also in part one of the wider implications of the retraction of Gala from the National Game recently. Since Gala holds its own in-house caller competitions it can only follow that the revenue lost since Gala's departure from the game is too large to support the NBGA in the short term. It has been suggested on a few online bingo review sites that the NBGA is struggling financially but since this has not been confirmed as yet this remains only conjecture at this point.

It seems obvious to us that The Caller Of The Year competition is essential as a means of praising and thanking those that make all the difference in a live game. In retracting this celebration of those that are keeping players coming in despite the larger issues in the industry the NBGA may lose further support from players and staff alike. If you are partial to a game of live bingo, now is the time to head on down to your local club and show your support to those who work there.

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