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Are you happy with your site?

  • 05 Dec 08
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How to complainAs part of our pointers guide for newbies, we want to help new players make sure they understand the level of service they should be getting from any bingo site

First of all you should feel confident that your site is accessible no matter what your concerns or what the hour. With staff available at all hours on bigger sites you should be able to solve most problems without contacting the admin on your site by just asking the help assistant.

If you experience a problem with your account, you may want a faster and more personal response. In this instance, the best thing to do is to email the admin team for your site. If you do not receive a reply within two days, you can consider writing to the site head office.

Most online bingo sites do not want to look unresponsive to players; we have heard of players who advertise their complaints on forums or in chat. We would not recommend this: sites generally frown on this kind of behaviour and you can be taken offline and even banned from play if the site deems your language offensive to their business.

If your problem is not resolved within a month of the incident you are at liberty to consult a third party over the matter. Having said this, we have never heard of any such event, as most uk bingo sites would see such an occurrence as bad press and endeavour to resolve issues much faster than this.

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