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Banned online bingo ads

  • 16 Jan 09
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Online bingo TV ad bannedLast week we heard news of the new Ladbrokes Bingo ad having been banned from TV after just one complaint. This was based on the ad allegedly portraying bingo as 'reckless' and as a result the entire ad campaign has been shut down.

Not the first time…

You may be surprised to hear that this is not the first time that an advertising campaign from a big bingo name has been shut down. In fact there were a few cases of this last year despite the increase and overall success of the campaigns we have seen throughout 2008.

In fact, last year we heard tell of campaigns from Wink Bingo, and William Hill having been shut down where characters portrayed in the ads were seen to be 'desperate' to play uk bingo.

What does it prove?

These heavy-handed responses may seem a little far-fetched considering that most of us view bingo online as a bit of fun, but when one considers that not everyone remains as restrained about their gambling, it is a measure to protect those who get carried away as well as a measure to protect those in play who are vulnerable.

The move to ban a whole campaign based on one complaint goes to show however popular bingo proves to be, internet bingo is still a contentious issue.

We at the Hideout agree that any form of gambling needs to be monitored so that it is operating within the stated restrictions of both advertising and play, no matter how harsh the results seem to be.

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