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BDT! Read the second part of our chat glossary.

  • 09 Feb 08
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Back by popular demand, here’s part two of our chat glossary. You can read the first part of our chat glossary here. Every time we notice new phrases appearing in chat, we add them to our ongoing study of this evolving ‘language’, which is created by you, the players.

Used to save time during game play, these acronyms can come across as quite puzzling to newbies. This is the Bingo Hideout attempt to demystify what’s going on for new players and for those who have been out of the game for a while.

AFAIK: as far as I know.

AFK: away from keyboard. Used in polite conversation to let CMs and other players know that a player is absent momentarily. Often used instead of GGP, which is generally frowned upon in most chat rooms.

BDT: bout darn time. Usually used in reference to a latecomer to the game, or as an observation on a win.

BTU: back to you. Mainly a CM term, used to instigate further chat between players after an event such as an information brief or a reprimand.

*G*: giggle or grin.

GGP: gotta go pee. Not the politest term but is still in frequent use.

GMTA: great minds think alike.

*H*: hugs.

HHIS: hangs head in shame. Used in a comedy way to express regret, usually at a silly or upsetting comment.

IYKWIM: if you know what I mean.

JTLYK: just to let you know.

KOTC: kiss on the cheek.

NETUA: nobody ever tells us anything. Often used by players who feel they have been left out of some information

*S*: smiles.

SOHF: sense of humour failure.  A light sarcastic term used to express that another player needs to lighten up.

*W*: winks

WTG: way to go. An Americanism used to express delight at another player’s win.

1TG/2TG/3TG: one/two/three balls to go to bingo. Used by CMs to let players know where the game stands.

While it is true that a lot of sites have their own specific chat terms, we are attempting to cover the most frequently used to benefit players who are unfamiliar with this form of chat.

If you have any feedback about these articles whether it’s new suggestions of obvious terms we’ve missed or comments about how these articles are helping – or not helping as the case may be for some- please let us know. Drop us a line at our forum or email Ben via the website. BTU!

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