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Bingo gets mobile

  • 23 Aug 08
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Bingo goes mobileIt would seem that since its launch in 2006 online bingo has changed so many times as to be different every month responding to players needs and player availability. In these times of change where we rarely sit down to watch TV at a scheduled time it’s safe to assume that many potential players cannot play their favourite games according to their packed schedule. This is why bingo is branching out into other areas so that anybody that wants to play bingo can no matter where they are and what they’re doing.

We have looked at TV bingo a lot in the past month on Bingo Hideout so now let’s turn our attention to mobile bingo. Foxy are as usual on top of the latest way to engage players and launched their version in July whereas Mecca have been on the ball for longer.

Having a mobile version of the bingo game literally at your fingertips does mean you no longer need ever worry about missing out on games no matter what crazy hours you may work; after all whose commute home wouldn’t be made a trillion times more enjoyable than with your own bingo game?

One of the things we love about the world of bingo at the Hideout is its constant striving to meet the needs of the modern player and to adapt to the new ways in which we conduct our lives. When internet bingo was first launched it seemed a marvel that you could chat live to others in your bingo hall while playing, and now you can do the same on your mobile phone! Hopefully soon there will be some no deposit bingo deals for mobile games too!

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