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Bingo Hideout is here to help

  • 30 Nov 08
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Bingo Hideout - here to helpThis week, we're encouraging members to tell us how the Hideout works best for you. We work hard to stay on top of all the news, reviews and changes in the world of uk bingo as well as live bingo, but we would like to know how being a member of the Hideout benefits your game.

In other words

We'd like to know what you use the site for most – is it the witty and erudite articles that we publish daily about bingo that keeps you coming back? Do you check in to see where to play free bingo games, or do you check in with the Directory to see if any new bingo sites have been welcomed into the fold of late?

Do tell all

The more we know about what our members want from us, the more we can concentrate on making that aspect work better.

At the moment we try to spread our interests across all aspects of Internet bingo on the sites we like but is there something we're overlooking or not looking into enough in your opinion? Would you, for example, recommend joining our site to a new player or to your friends? If not we'd love to hear your reasons so we can make sure our service is all-inclusive.

Your Hideout needs you!

We'd love to hear your views on our site – of course we'd especially love to hear them if they are complimentary! So why not post your thoughts on the Hideout today at the Forum and let us know how we can help you get the most from your game.

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