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Bingo rises to the top of popular online games

  • 18 Dec 08
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Online  bingo beats poker hands downAccording to new figures released by Google, in the last six months online bingo has become as popular as online poker. Up until this point, in terms of numbers, poker has been the bigger game with huge numbers of players signing up every day across the world.

However, since the advent of bingo TV advertising the number of people registering to play internet bingo has dramatically increased.

Poker holds ‘em all

Many bingo sites have poker games in their games suite to attract both types of gamer, but there are of course brand-led sites whose main game is poker itself.

America, in particular, is very fond of the many types of poker games on offer above most other forms of online gaming. This gap has widened since the Kentucky decision to take down many online gambling sites. In fact, the number of online bingo sites still accepting American players is few and far between, limiting the player base.

Despite this huge restriction in numbers, online bingo continues to grow and to provide a fun and social alternative to a poker tournament.

Telly exposure is a winning formula

There are an increasing number of poker ads on telly but these are screened after the watershed. This is not a restriction that online bingo has to worry about; bingo sponsors of shows such as the Jeremy Kyle Show, Goldenballs, All Star Family Fortunes and Al Murray's Happy Hour have helped to promote awareness of the game.

We are happy to hear of the continued success of our favourite game and for as long as online bingo is around we'll be here to guide you.

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