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Bingo takes to the skies

  • 22 Sep 08
  • Written by

Bingo takes to the skiesHere at Bingo Hideout we've been reading this week about how some of the biggest airlines have announced that they are going to take internet bingo to the skies. Some of the biggest names including Virgin Airlines are going to take our favourite game up, up and away so you can enjoy a quickie while on your way to a conference or to your holiday destination.

So it would seem that the growing popularity of bingo online and other gaming areas such as the casino sector has not gone unnoticed by airlines who want to give their passengers as much chance to enjoy the flight as possible. As part of the existing entertainment packages of film and music on Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines, cash gaming seems to be the next big thing. These airlines are reported to be looking into 888.com as suppliers of their gaming packages, although this has not been confirmed officially yet by either.

It is, of course, no surprise that Virgin have announced this integration of two of their most popular brand sectors; after all, why wouldn't they want you to enjoy their full range of products while soaring through the clouds in a Virgin plane? It would also seem that Virgin have been offering a games portal to passengers for years but that until now players have been unable to place cash bets.

As you'll be aware, we love Virgin Bingo at Bingo Hideout and think that this is a fantastic idea. What could better way to start to your holiday than a quick game of bingo – and better still a huge win while on your way to the destination of your choice?

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