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Chat moderation – don’t we just love it?

  • 01 Jun 08
  • Written by

We love online bingo CMs

We have been considering the part the CM has to play in our favourite game this week at the Hideout. Without their input it's easy to lose track of the game, miss out on bonuses, and without that welcoming “hello” they all give when you sign into a room full of players you don’t know, it's easy to feel left out of chat.

The CM is the glue that keeps the game and the players together and without their help and advice it can be easy to be left behind, especially if you're new to the game. The CM can make or break a game depending on their personal compatibility with the room.

CM's are chosen for their overall sociability and competence at dealing with rowdy members of the room, but it really does depend on the site and the game being played which kind of strength of language is appropriate in front of a CM. While it's true in the main that sites expect you to be polite and respectful to your CM, when playing in a specified adult session the rules can be relaxed a little; though not so much that rudeness is acceptable.

Being able to cope with the speed and the diversity seen in everyday chat among so many players – especially when a chat game is in play – makes the job quite a challenge. CM's have an acute sense of the understanding of understatement and sarcasm used between players, which as we all know can be offensive when not used in the right context. Having the awareness to step in and mediate or throw a person out of a room requires confidence from any CM and without these qualities the room will fall into disarray.

All in all the CM's job is quite a complex one although it may not appear so while you're enjoying a game. Making sure all your bonuses and points are credited while monitoring and taking part in the chat at all hours of the day, these people require an approachable demeanour to survive, a passion for the game and most importantly a sense of humour.

Looking at the bare bones of what's involved in this job, why not show your appreciation of your CM and encourage other players to vote at the cmoftheyear.com site? With CM's featured monthly and placed on international leader boards for popularity, it's important to thank those who make your game what it is.

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