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Cheeky Bingo or big name brands? What attracts you to a site?

  • 24 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Cheeky Bingo

With so many new sites coming online all the time, we thought we ought to take a look and see what’s to keep a girl loyal to any one site. Even if you’ve been playing online bingo at one site since the game officially came online in the UK back in 2006, you will have noticed like everyone else that the choice of sites is increasing all the time, and that the choices we are presented with are constantly better and more competitive than ever. With sites now offering free games with cash prizes and others offering huge jackpots on a regular basis, we at the Hideout are interested to know which features swing your choice of site and what our members look for in a site given the mass of options which range from the free Cheeky Bingo to the likes of jackpot orientated Gala Bingo and other big name brands.

Make sure you know where to go and why

As you know our Directory is jam-packed with quality, trusted sites which offer players secure sites to play on that since we play on them ourselves we are happy to advise you to play on, but what if anything keeps our members loyal to one or maybe two sites over the rest?

Which type of play gets you going?

When we looked at our own game play strategies across the office this week, it seemed that overall we all like to have a flutter on freebie sites and so dip into these occasionally. After all when the initial excitement’s died down a little about these sites the thing that’s noticeable is that the prizes are smaller than on big brand names where it is clear you can win life changing amounts. It is for us -and we believe for most players- the thrill of chasing huge jackpots that keep us coming back for more.

Friends, cash or free fun – which is the winner for you?

It was also pointed out that once you’ve played somewhere for any length of time it’s the friends that you meet over the money you might win that makes the game so much fun. So which is it for you? Why not let us know on the member forum; let’s get a thread going that shows us what our members like best in online bingo at the moment.


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