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Confused at being refused payment?

  • 28 Jul 08
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Confused at being refused

There are a number of reasons why your deposit requests may have been rejected from your online bingo site, and this week Bingo Hideout have been compiling the most common causes of this frustrating situation. We aim to help all of our members enjoy their time online and since refusal of payment can delay good game time and undermine the trust some players have for a site, it's worth considering the following points before you get on the phone to your favourite online bingo site.

The number one reason why an Internet bingo site may not accept your payment could be a failure to report new information. For example, if you've recently been issued a new bank or credit card, if the online bingo site still has details of the old card the payment will not be processed. What makes this situation all the more confusing and frustrating is the length of time the bingo site can take to realise this failure of payment. Some sites can take up to 5-10 days to register a rejection from your bank so while you may have thought your payment had been accepted you may hear back later that this was not the case.

Another reason why you may be refused payment in your
ecommerce exchanges could be that your bankcard has expired or has been
cancelled. If you're using an old card online by mistake you
should update to the latest details on your account as soon as possible
to avoid confusion and delay of transfer.

One other consideration could be that you have recently started play on an online bingo site and your bank has suspended your card as it may suspect fraudulent activity. This is likely if you haven't previously played online games previously and have attempted to make a large deposit. If you suspect this is the reason for your card's refusal you should get in touch with your card's issuer and update them as to your intentions to play online.

check that your browser supports your chosen online bingo site as
delays in information transferral can cause problems at both ends. If
your bingo site is a download site make sure your system can support
the software before installation as the same principal applies, and a
frozen screen can delay your enjoyment as much as a card rejection.

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