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Coverall your options to make the most of your game

  • 24 Aug 08
  • Written by

Online bingo coverallsAlthough 90-ball bingo has long been the favourite way to play among uk bingo players, the 75-ball version of the game is increasing in popularity all the time and is being taken on by more and more sites as a result.

There are many reasons for this increase in popularity, but one of the main advantages that 75-ball bingo has over 90-ball bingo is the coverall game. Coveralls or 'blackout games' as they are sometimes known are a fab way to win bingo games and often afford players a win from a set prize fund. Clearly this is a huge bonus in play, as most games of online bingo do not offer players such definite payouts.

Coverall games are played in the 75-ball version of the game, in what is usually a weekly session. Coverall games are popular not only because of the set amount of winnings, but also due to the fact that the set amount is often quite a high figure. Attracting many players to the 75-ball bingo game the coverall game is an exciting way to play that guarantees one or a few players will split the money at the end of the game.

In order to win one of these top-notch games you will – as the name would suggest – have to cover all the numbers on your card. Not only this, but you can join in the chat games while in play and potentially bingo on the set pattern to win.

In short then, coverall games are a fantastic way to double your chances of winning, and if you bingo in the set number of balls before anyone else you are also assured of your winnings – that makes these games double the fun.

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