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Crown Bingo is king of the social sites

  • 08 May 09
  • Written by admin

Crown Bingo

We all know that one of the reasons that playing online bingo is such a great way to spend your time is the social aspect of the game. Now however it would seem that even online bingo is becoming ever more social, with lots of sites setting up accounts on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Why less is more

This week Crown Bingo has moved onto the increasingly popular Twitter site where you can now find out the latest on jackpots and promos at the very moment they change. Twitter is a relatively new social site, yet already it has 14 million users and as such is already chasing the tail of Facebook in the competition to win over as many members as possible.

Moving on up

The move over to Twitter by crownbingo.com is not only savvy in terms of it’s popularity, but it also offers this brand and others the unique opportunity to get to grips with what their consumers are feeling in real time. If, for example a customer has a problem with any of the features on the site, he or she can simply Tweet the site’s admin and they can fix the problem there and then. This gives Crown and the many other brands on Twitter an amazing advantage over the competition. Having direct access to potential players could prove to be an indispensable edge for online bingo sites given the level of competition for player numbers we see played out in the sign up war.

How to stay current

In the end, whether you choose to play on sites like Foxy Bingo, and Ladbrokes Bingo which are still using Facebook to market their brands, it really doesn’t matter since you’ll find out if you’re a regular user of either as to what’s currently going on at your favourite online bingo site. What we do love about the use of these sites is the idea that if someone you haven’t seen for ages looks you up, they’ll find out that you love bingo at the same time they find out you’re married/have kids or in your ideal job. This may well encourage more people to sign up to online bingo ultimately, which clearly is a good thing for everyone involved.

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