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Crutch and a Flea? It can only be Bingo Lingo Part 3

  • 03 Mar 08
  • Written by

Online bingo lingo part 3Yipee! We've finally reached the Top of the Shop – and the final
part of our bingo lingo series. This week we're looking at numbers 61 – 90 and
hoping to finally have made all things bingo lingo clear for you so the next time
you're in the running for the jackpot you know what to listen for. Most of these
calls are based on rhyming slang – such as 'flea' in place of the
number three, but others describe the visual representation of the number being
called. This is why the number two is commonly referred to as a duck and the
number seven, a crutch.

Read on for the rest of the series…

61. Bakers Bun

62. Tickety Boo

63. Tickle Me

64. Cat's Paw/Red Raw/The Beatles' Number (based on the Beatles'
classic 'When I'm 64' from the legendary
album 'Sergeant Pepper')

65. Old Age Pension (retirement age for men in the UK)

66. All the sixes/Clickety Click

67. Made in Heaven

68. Saving Grace

69. Meal For Two/ The Same Both Ways/Anyway you look at it/That's Rude

70. Three Score and Ten

71. Bang on the Drum

72. In for a Poo/Crutch and a Duck/Par for the Course (based on golfing

73. Crutch and a Flea

74. Candy Store

75. Strive and Strive

76. Trombones (refers to a piece of brass music called '76 Trombones'
that you're likely to hear at any brass parade) also: 7 and 6 – Was She Worth It?
(refers to the old cost of a wedding license, 7 shillings and sixpence)

77. Two Little Crutches/Sunset Strip (cult American show)

78. Heaven’s Gate

79. One More Time

80. Gandhi's Breakfast (imagine looking down at Gandhi sitting cross
legged in front of a large empty plate)

81. Stop and Run/Cinnamon Bun

82. Fat lady with a Duck

83. Ethel's Ear (the eight is a fat lady's shape and the three is an ear

84. Seven Dozen

85. Staying Alive

86. Between the Sticks

87. Torquay in Devon/Fat lady with a Crutch

88. All the Eights

89. All but one/Nearly there

90. Top of the Shop/Blind 90/ End of the Line/Top of the House

We hope this guide to the all of the most popular calls has been helpful to you –
it's designed to help you join in with online bingo chat and also play live in
bingo halls. Bingo Hideout is aware that most online games have a visual to
demonstrate the call, but hopefully our guide will help you catch a call if
you miss the image as it's called – and enjoy your online bingo game
even more!!!

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