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Demonstrate true loyalty to your site

  • 01 Jan 09
  • Written by Tom - Bingo Hideout Admin

Phew, first there was the Which Bingo awards, then the CM awards and now the
Players Choice Awards of 2009! As if there’s not enough to keep you busy over the
holiday period, there are also a multitude of ways to show how much you love all
your favourite aspects of online bingo.

Where does Foxy live?

All the bingo sites in our Directory work hard all year to get you the best
promos and rewards around, so we think it’s a fab idea to give something back at
this time of year.

After all we don’t know the Foxmeister’s address or the postcode of the Game
Village so a card won’t get far!

Manners maketh the man (and woman)

the launch of the cyber version of bingo, the number of places and ways
to play uk bingo has increased on a monthly basis, and we at the
Hideout feel this level of innovation and fun should be rewarded.

Why our members are so important

course, we at the Hideout find it very hard to choose between all the
brilliant sites we have in our Directory, and it would be unfair to put
our opinions across even if we did have a favourite.

We do however make sure we pay a lot of attention to the sites that get the most
number of votes from our very own members. So while you’re online expressing your
opinions, vote for your favourite here too so we can pay more attention to our
members’ best sites in 2009.

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