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Do The Cow Cow Boogie

  • 15 Dec 08
  • Written by

Cow Patty BingoBrace yourself reader, for the tale I tell may seem a little like a tall one, but trust me when I say I haven't made any of this story up.

I am referring to the game of Cow Chip Bingo or Cow Patty Bingo, which is fast becoming one of the biggest bingo trends to sweep America.

This game could never be fixed!

This version of our beloved bingo game is played using a real cow and you can buy your cards for cow bingo online at any time. The basic premise of the game is that you bet on a square in a field and the square in which the cow deposits his or her bingo bonus is the winner.

Of course, only the cow can decide which square on the card looks good to him or her and once her thoughts have been deposited within the square you have chosen you can be £1000 + better off.

We don't know who thought of this game but it's so much fun and depending on where you choose to play can benefit worthy causes with your donation that we had to tell you about it.

Bring on the Cow Pie

Apparently the game is catching on in the UK, but sadly the Bingo Hideout spies haven't yet found an official bingo site base for these claims.

We will however be keeping our eyes peeled as we'd love to make a hilarious day out like this our next team building day out! If you hear of a field near you that's free in the warmer months, perhaps you could persuade the farmer to help make our dreams come true?

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