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Does bingo work on the telly?

  • 09 Jan 09
  • Written by

Bingo hits the TVAs players of internet bingo and everyone else in the country would have noticed, 2008 was the year that bingo burst onto the telly.

With sites from Foxy Bingo to Wink Bingo and Bet 365 Bingo to Sun Bingo staging ads at prime time to convince potential players to join up, the response was positive not only from those who rose to the challenge, but from those who simply enjoyed the ads.

What did the ads ever do for us?

Ads for bingo online get the fun of this great pastime across, but with campaigns as amusing as Foxy's number shorts and Wink's cute kittens, more than just wry smiles were raised in response to their antics.

As a result of this and other advertising successes, Wink for example have become a staple of internet bingo since its launch last year and its ability to retain huge player numbers reflect more than a simple enthusiastic burst from newbies.

This hugely beneficial method of enticing players has been so successful that we're expecting some more bingo sites to come online with campaigns to challenge their successes. Tune in during the evenings to see.

Shake it up, baby

As the more astute of you will be aware, bingo also made its face known in 2008 by introducing a format on UK telly that can be played at home.

Despite its early departure from our screens critics have generally applauded this lauded version of the game. Its popularity proves that bingo could make a permanent move to the small screens.

We at the Hideout believe all the telly gurus need to do is advertise the show better and to screen it at a more acceptable time and we could find ourselves watching another revolution in how we play our favourite game by the end of the year.

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