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FYI: a Bingohideout guide to chat

  • 24 Jan 08
  • Written by admin

Guide to online bingo chat termsAs part of our ongoing commitment to making the game more accessible to all bingohideout has compiled another of our fabulous glossaries to help you get your head around all the acronyms in the chat room.

Whether you’re a newbie to free bingo sites who is bowled over by all of the txt type chat or simply haven’t joined in the chat before here’s a little help with deciphering the most popular phrases around. GL!

A/S or A/S/L: age/sex or age/sex/location – used primarily when finding out about newbie players. Chat members use this as a quick means of finding out the basics about new members.

BRB: Be right back. If you need to leave the chat room for a few minutes to make a cup of tea or any other reason…

CH: Chat host – the person in charge of monitoring the chat in any room and maintaining a measure of decorum within the conversations. He or she may also invite members to play extra games and offer bonuses.

DHB: Don’t hurry back.

: Evil grin. Often punctuation is included in the message itself (as demonstrated here) which can make the chat look more obscure that it actually is; don’t be put off by this – try to ‘read into’ the picture that’s been drawn 😉

FWIW: For what it’s worth. Used as a cover in advance of a roomie stating an opinion that they might not think is wanted in the current chat or in advance of an opinion that might not be popular.

FYI: For Your Information.

GL2U: Good luck to you. Used as part of the blanket politeness policy found in every chat room.

: Grin.

GTSY: Glad to see you/good to see you.

IRL: In real life. Used as a put down to members overblown ideas within the chat room.

LOL: Laugh out loud. Probably the most well known of these types of acronyms, “lol” has spawned many others after it, but remains the most popular around.

HB: Hurry Back.

ONFL/OFL: On the floor laughing.

ROFL/RONFL: Roll on the floor laughing.

: Smile.

: Very big smile.

WTG: Way to go.

YW/YVW: You’re welcome/ you’re very welcome.

We hope that this glossary has made things a little clearer for you, though it is important to point out that there are so many variations in chat from site to site and even roomie to roomie, it would make no sense to list every single acronym around. In fact it would only serve to confuse the matter further – LOL/ RONFL! ;-0

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