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Give a little to save a lot

  • 17 Jan 09
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This week we can report of the latest big cost being brought in which is set to affect live bingo as well as online bingo's bingo sites. Initially set up by the Government as a charitable trust to help problems gamblers, the RIGT or Responsibility in Gambling Trust relies on donations from the sector to carry out its important work.

How to make up the shortfall?

There has been proven to be a huge £1.2 million shortfall in these funds however, which has led to the Government having threatened to make payments from the 4,000 licensed gambling operators in the UK (including those who host uk online bingo) compulsory.

Although putting money into worthwhile causes such as this is an essential part of keeping players safe no matter which game they play, new compulsory payments will add a whole new pressure on the already ailing live bingo industry who are already struggling under existing double taxation and could result in the closure of more halls.

The RIGT help at the right time

Originally set up in 2001, the RIGT charity works to provide 'research and limit problem gambling. Providing counselling and advice to anyone suffering as a result of gambling, this charity is an essential part of the Government's  aim to reduce addiction in gaming.

It is charities such as these that by dint of their existence have allowed for the expansion of the gaming industry which is why the Government believe that funds derived from the industry itself should keep RIGT afloat.

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