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Glossary of commonly used bingo terminology and popular acronyms

  • 23 Jan 08
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Bingohideout are hoping to make playing online bingo games for new comers and those who join different sites easier by starting and constantly updating our new bingo glossary so that you can try new things without guessing what you’re doing. If you notice any glaring oversights let us know and we’ll start the updating processing; as always we are very grateful of member feedback.

Bingo Card
A usual bingo card as played in a 90 ball game has 25 squares in total of which 24 are numbered and 1 is blank.

Cash Ball
Drawn before the game the cash ball denotes a pay off from the progressive jackpot in that game.

Chat Master (CM) or Chat Host

Known under a number of names depending on which site you play on, the chat master is the person in charge of monitoring the players chat during any game. The chat host is responsible for ensuring that no one is using rude or offensive language and instigates chat games as well as encouraging players to join in other online games and to take up bonuses as they become available.

Chat Games
Chat games are bonus games played between online players involved in the live chat during any game. Every bingo site offers chat games at different times, with some holding ongoing tourneys which mean players join in with chat games every day for a month in order to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot.

Coverall or Blackout
A coverall or blackout refers to a pattern on any card where all the numbers are marked. Often used for play in Progressive Jackpot games, coveralls are hard to achieve but are usually worth the wait.

Progressive Jackpots can be played for bingo or slot game and are frequently a very big amount of money.

Referring to the other players in the game, roomies are the people online that you can chat live to while you play. Some sites offer roomie meets as well as team bingo games to encourage roomie friendships and others sites offer chat games where you win for your neighbour in the game.

The reason why we play, the jackpot is the big payout in every game. Jackpots can be a static set amount or PJPs where the amount increases as the game progresses. Sometimes if you’re playing no deposit bingo you will not be eligible for the jackpots.

The shape the player needs to match in order to win the jackpot or prize in any game.

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