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Have you found the winning formula?

  • 28 Sep 08
  • Written by

Winning online bingo formulasWhile we all recognise that the game of bingo is about chance rather than skill, there are those out there who believe that there are ways and means of winning. With everything from consideration of the number of players in a room to having a lucky mascot present, whether you're playing free online bingo or for real, the number of suggested ways to help you win seems almost limitless.

This week we've been investigating ways to get the most of your game outside of a quick dose of free bingo and have come across the fascinating theories of Joseph E Granville. Granville's theory about bingo starts with the process of card selection. When playing Internet bingo, the computer chooses the cards. But all is not lost, as Granville says that in this instance you should play with fewer cards.

He goes on to suggest that in every game the first ten calls will involve different digits as the last digit, therefore you should concentrate on cards where you have a variety of numbers. In terms of the random number generators that all online bingo sites are governed by, Granville argues that simple laws of probability state that if a number ending in 1 is drawn first from 75 then the likelihood of a number of a number ending in 1 is diminished, thus the probability of a number being drawn next with a different digit is increased.

While we cannot vouch for whether you'll win if you'll take these ideas into account next time you play, it's worth a go; good luck everyone!

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