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Have you got what it takes to be a good host?

  • 31 Mar 09
  • Written by admin

Tombola Bingo

As regular players of inherent bingo ourselves, it’s often occurred to us at the Hideout that working as a Chat Moderator must be one of the best jobs around. With many articles written every week about how online bingo is one of the few sectors still expanding in the current climate and with sites such as Tombola Bingo recently having taken on thirty new members, we’ve been researching how to become a CM this week so if any of you fancy giving it a whirl you will know where to start.

Make money from an interest

There are many sites to look at with regard to CM jobs but we feel the best are the CMof the year.co.uk site and the bingojobs.co.uk site.

Initially a site on which just to vote for your favourite CM’s, the cm of the year site has now expanded to incorporate a forum and votes for international CM’s too. Using this whole of this site and in particular its past pages is a brilliant means of getting to know what the industry and players alike want from a CM before you even think about applying.

For example, check out the Featured CM pages on the site and you’ll be streets ahead of others who haven’t researched the job before applying. Giving you a unique insight into a part of the game that is as essential as good graphics, we all know that a good CM has an inherent love of the game and a good sense of humour, but these pages can help you figure out what sets these featured CM’s apart from the rest. This site also offers job advertisements as well as information about CM’s, making it a fantastic resource for employers and potential CM’s too.

The bingo jobs website is also a good place to sign up to once you have looked around the CM site and got the gist of what’s needed from the job. This site will send you a weekly email to let you know which bingo jobs are on offer, and unlike the CM site the list will include live bingo jobs as well as online bingo ones. So, if any of you are hankering to shout ‘two fat ladies’ in a public place and not get dirty looks, sign up today.

Of course what this site offers is job advertisements as well, making it a fantastic resource for employers and potential CM’s too.

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