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Holiday fun for everyone

  • 21 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

Gala Bingo

Having been asked recently by a non-player why bingo is so enduringly popular, I found myself proving to myself how bingo can benefit many members of the population this weekend without even trying. Having been a committed player for some years now, it’s easy to forget the benefits of regular play in terms of keeping the old grey matter nimble, but the truth is it has been proven that a regular trip to the local Gala Bingo hall or a session online will keep those neurons firing everytime. That’s why you’ll never see an elderly player at a bingo hall miss a line or a full house. These agile minds are working hard to get us the bingo win we all crave, but at the same time they are working hard to keep us young and spritely too.

Incentives are the key for focus

It’s also true that younger players can benefit from a regular game of bingo too; in fact I played bingo with two under 7’s this weekend and it was hard not to notice how beneficial a learning game bingo was for them. With their minds focused on winning a toy car, their appetite for learning numbers was keener than ever before and I felt as rewarded as they both did when they each won a car at the end of the game!

Figuring it all out with figures

The connections made between numbers over the course of every game for players of all ages is unmistakably a huge boon tot their overall understanding of numbers and with the possibility of introducing pattern games into the games for younger players at a later date, the ways in which a simple kids version of our favourite game can benefit everyone for the long term are numerous and invaluable.

Instant fun, no matter how you play

Since bingo is also a game of chance, not even under 7s can feel that they have lost unfairly and so if you’re looking for a way to keep your brood happy over the wet holidays, why not invest in a child’s version of the best game in town? With online versions where your child plays the computer found with a simple kids bingo keyword search, you can have some well earned ‘me’ time while they get stuck in, or for family orientated fun, visit the fantastic www.kidprintables.com for free interactive fun for all the family!


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