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How different codes of conduct can be

  • 06 Dec 08
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Online bingo codes of conductOne thing we have learnt since starting our wonderful internet bingo portal is that the atmosphere of every site is very different. This is often a result of the code of conduct set out by the site for players in chat, but it can also be a result of playing at certain times of the night when more adult chat or even private chat is allowable.

Everybody's different

We love the diversity of the online bingo communities we promote at the Hideout, which is why we strongly advise those with a delicate disposition to look through the chat rules before they commit to any site.

As we all know the best thing about bingo online is the fun we have in chat and the friends we can make online, but for some an evening game such as 'Norty Night' might be a bit too much. Getting to know what the roomies are like on any site will tell you if you should sign up or not, and that's why many sites offer no deposit bingo trials.

Don't get left out in the cold

There are of course basic “do and dont's” in most chat rooms most of which genuine roomies would never think of doing such as abusing another player or the CM, typing swear words or even misspelled swear words, or bad mouthing the site within the room. Any behaviour like this can result in your account being shut down or in you being excluded from chat.

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