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How do progressive jackpots work?

  • 11 Jul 08
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Online bingo PJPs

Progressive jackpots – otherwise known as PJPs – are all about the increasing amount of money you can win in a game. The cool thing about a PJP is that is starts at a set amount and grows with every deposit until someone wins the lot.

Similar to the rollover concept, PJPs are an exciting pot to play for as you might win the minimum but you also have an equal chance of hitting it bigger than you could have wished for as the game progresses.

Generally speaking in order to win a PJP you will have to get a full house (in a 90-ball game) or complete the coverall (in a 75-ball game), but of course it can be done and the more you play, the bigger the windfall if you win.

Excitement Grows

With these types of games as the time passes so the excitement grows. Playing any time after the jackpot hits the mark you're holding out for (whether it's £1,000 or £10,000) becomes a challenge to win and even if you don't you might pick up the pot on the next time round.

are ways to better your chances of winning a PJP, so we thought
we'd let you into a few insider secrets so our members can
hopefully get happy sooner.

The Secret

the jackpot goes back to the minimum every time someone hits the
jackpot, it obviously it makes sense to look around and find a PJP that
is well past its minimum level. Be aware that everyone is thinking the
same however so if you are looking to get the numbers up drop in for a quick game once in a while otherwise you'll be waiting forever.

Some PJPs take a while
to build up, so it's worth looking around all your favourite
sites to see what the figures are before you join in play. Keeping an
eye on how it progresses is always a good idea, though be aware the
longer you leave it to play, the more likely others are to join in and
your chances of winning decrease.

Team Bingo

Try getting a team of mates together to play on it. You could use the members of your Team bingo group to tackle the PJP once it takes off,but whoever you choose make sure you have clear guidelines about a win in your syndicate. Having trusted team members in play with you makes the game more exciting and you'll be happier to share your winnings with your mates rather than miss out entirely!

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