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How not to behave in live chat

  • 10 Aug 08
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Behave yourselves!

Every bingo site in the world of Internet bingo has its own rules and regulations as to what is acceptable in live chat. Depending on the site there are games where it is fine to get flirty with your roomie friends and even be a little risqué. There are of course ways that you can behave that will mean you will be ejected from the game no matter where you play. Bingo Hideout is here to help so we have put together a basic set of rules, which should keep even the most excitable players on the straight and narrow.

Never be rude to the Chat Host

Although this should be a given we often hear stories of how players can speak out of turn to CM's. This is usually comes about as a result of a site grievance (we'll cover this in a moment) or if the player mistakes the CM's friendly attitude as a laidback approach to the rules. This kind of behaviour clearly spells disaster and you will be put on their personal blacklist – if not the site's blacklist – depending on the severity of your misdemeanour.

Never complain about losing

Although we can all get frustrated by the absence of a winning streak from time to time it's considered extremely rude to make a point of this in chat – especially if you labour the point. Any grievances with the game should be taken up with the CM but site grievances should be addressed via email to the admin or complaints department on your site.

Never be rude to a roomie

This includes writing in capitals, using insulting language or even misspelled versions of insulting or discriminatory language. If a CM sees any example of this you will be excluded from chat immediately as all bingo sites work hard to make sure all players are included in every game.

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