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How the random element can inspire confidence

  • 30 Jul 08
  • Written by

There are many people out there who are too unsure of joining in playing online bingo due to worry about exchanging funds over the internet, but there are also a huge number of potential players who worry that the game isn't as fair as it should be.

To finally put this myth to bed, Bingo Hideout has been researching the use of number generators on online bingo sites this week. Some of the sites we have in our directory use more than one generator in order to guarantee different numbers every time. In actual fact, while this may sound an even more secure means of generating cards and therefore winners it is mostly an overblown means of reassuring newbie and loyal players alike that the site is as safe as possible.

Having one random number generator on any site is enough to ensure a variety of combinations of numbers are used in every game and more importantly to ensure that this generation of numbers is enough to give everyone an even chance of winning.

While we all know that the house takes a cut of the winnings, it would be a very obvious mistake for any self-respecting Internet site to not ensure that the distribution of winnings was as even as possible, otherwise we'd constantly hear stories of players winning again and again, or worse still not at all.

Online bingo sites as with all gaming sites know that players chat (especially since that's one of the main features of the bingo game) and that it wouldn't take long for roomies to catch on if no one were winning. Once Chinese whispers like this take off, any online bingo site can witness a mass exodus of players almost immediately and since there's no shortage of choice as to which new site to choose, it is a threat that no serious business will wish to entertain.

Investing in a random number generator is as near as the online game can get to the machine which turns the game in a live bingo game or in a lottery draw, and although we may not be able to see the numbers as they are chosen in this instance, you can be assured that the independent assessors of each site will pick up on any 'loaded' system – though probably not as fast as the super-quick players who play regularly would!

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