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How to bingo with baby booties

  • 26 Apr 08
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Baby shower bingo

If you like us are a big fan of online bingo and are trying to add an unexpected fun element to an upcoming event, such as a hen night or Baby Shower, why not bring along a set of personalised bingo cards and bring your favourite game to the celebration?

Although playing bingo games is more often enjoyed in traditional bingo halls or by playing Internet bingo, the game itself is transferable to just about every situation including family number learning activities as well as Baby Showers and Hen Nights.

There are many examples of Baby Shower bingo cards available on the Internet, some of which can be downloaded for free. These cards involve words instead of numbers and can help with name suggestions if the sex of the baby is still unknown or the parents can't decide on a name.

How do you play?

Baby shower bingo involves a set of cards with a set of words reflecting a theme e.g. which gifts the expectant mother will receive which milestones the mother is looking forward to the most or name suggestions from all the players.

As the Baby Shower progresses and each of the keywords e.g. 'booties' is called or mentioned players get to cross off their square. As any other example of playing bingo games, once a player shouts bingo, an elected prize can be given. These are of course left again to the player's discrimination and can range from a box of chocolates to the promise of the first cuddle from baby within the circle of friends present.

Live bingo

An unusual and cheerful way to include your favourite game to the event, why not suggest a game of bingo at the local bingo hall if your game goes down a treat? Since the new smoking laws have come into place bingo halls are an entirely different environment and are suitable even for expectant mothers who previously might have been put off by the fug.

This fab idea can be transferred to just about any 'girly' event including a night in and a hen night. Simply select a 'theme' and a set of prizes for the game and you're away. Playing with other hardened bingo fans may mean you have to give prizes for corners, two lines and coveralls but a lot of fun can be had deciding on which way you and your mates are going to bingo tonight!

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