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How to choose your bingo ID

  • 27 Sep 08
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Online bingo IDsThere are many ways to choose your alter ego when becoming a player on a new bingo site. Part of the appeal of online bingo for most players is the social aspect with live chat offering a window into the world of roomies from the minute you start play.

Creating a bingo ID or player profile name which is best suited to who you are is an essential part of joining in at your chosen site right from accepting your free sign up bonus.

There are many ways to choose the right ID for you; for example, many players create their ID from their children or pets name. There are even name generators online that use your given name to create a bingo name for you. These generators often take the first letter of your surname and chose a word that begins with that letter in order to make your name, for example, Enthusiastic Elton or Happy Howard. Another method that generators often employ is to rhyme your bingo ID first name with your real name so you might be called Sly Saunders or Keen Katlin if you use one of these generators.

Your bingo name, it says a lot about you when you appear in chat, so bear in mind players are more likely to chat with Happy Hibson than Grumpy-01! All this means you should choose carefully if you want to find yourself in a private room with players! In short then, the more appealing your ID the more friends you're likely to pick up so get smiling and let your roomies know you're ready for some fun.

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