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How to make your bingo chat profile work for you

  • 01 Mar 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo chatMost of the Internet bingo sites around focus a lot of their attention on promoting chat between players. The reason why online bingo is keen to reward member profiles is to build a sense of community within the site and guarantee that members come back even if it’s just to check in with their friends. With great chat games and bonuses to play for in the live chat it is a very popular way to boost loyalty points or follow patterns for
ongoing tourneys.

Joining in the chat if you’re a newbie can seem quite intimidating as roomies often talk in acronyms but once you’re
familiar with these you’ll soon discover the many things you can get out of being an active part of the chat room.

Whether you are a newbie to online bingo or even if you’ve been playing for ages, a brilliant way to get noticed by other players is to create a fun profile for others to look at so they can get a sense of who you are. Bingo chat is all about openness and roomies often respond to players better if they can read about you while chatting.

Profiles are a cool way to get to know those around you, and let you quickly get round the fact that the people in the room have never met. Although one of the best things about online bingo is the socialising in real time chat, there’s no substitute for putting a face to the name!

Sites such as Foxy Bingo actively encourage members to draw up full and fun profiles of themselves and offer
rewards such as Foxy’s bonus 5,000 bonus points to those players who do. What easier way to earn those all-important BPs is there than to simply send in a photo? With 5,000 extra BPs in your account you can smile over at your friend in the room as they look you up and smile to yourself at having loads of free play! Check out your favourite site to see what building up your personal profile can do for your balance.

When editing your profile bear in mind the site you’re playing on, look around at what others have put on theirs and think about the kind of people you’d like to get chatting to. If you’re looking for something more than a new bunch of friends to chat to why not join one of the sites such as Jackpotjoy who openly promote ‘dating’ within their site and have both a “40s And Over” room as well as a Singles Bar? Make sure you upload a flattering picture and see what else Lady Luck could bring you today while you play…

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