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Is the National Game still riding high?

  • 13 Sep 08
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The National Game bingo

Uk online bingo is still growing in popularity according to current stats, and it is estimated that over 3 million people play bingo regularly at the moment. As players of internet bingo it's easy to forget that as a nation we used to visit the local hall to get a fix of bingo. So, as a reminder of how much fun live bingo can be let's take a look at the game that laid the foundations for all the bingo bonuses we take for granted on our favourite sites: the National Game.

The National Bingo Game is reported to be the second largest computer controlled game in the UK and offers a jackpot of up to £2m. With a weekly payout of at least £1 million, there are still many good reasons to visit the local hall of an evening. The live bingo sector has been having a hard time of late and yet has managed to put a positive spin on the fact of Gala having pulled out of the biggest live game in the UK, offering players a greater chance of winning than ever before.

With afternoon games from only 25p a ticket and evenings only £1, you can still win a huge amount for a small investment and best of all, take your mates too. For more information, the National Bingo site offers you a demo game and a search facility to search out the nearest hall to host the national game so you can win big while out and about – just don't forget to pre-book your online tickets while you're out!

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