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Is your favourite site fair game?

  • 15 Jun 08
  • Written by

Fairness in online bingoWith the issue of fair games featuring in our forum this week, we’ve been investigating what measures online bingo sites have in place to make sure players get a fair game every time.

A game of chance?

Unlike in a game of live bingo, online bingo players are not able to see the numbers being drawn and have to trust in the site’s bingo software to run smoothly and fairly. There are numerous was in which your favourite site can ensure that all players get an equal chance to win including the use of random number generators. These are used for most online gambling games and provide the unpredictability that games such as online bingo rely on. Unlike betting on a horse, where a number of factors can influence the outcome of a race, playing a game of online bingo is entirely a game of chance and depends – unpredictability is an essential part of the fun.

House rules

Online bingo sites should be independently audited to guarantee their fairness. Whether you’re into casino games, slots or bingo, most online gamers understand that the site is weighted to operators benefit – in the same way any casino is; however, there should be a certain payout to players too. The idea of having a site that doesn’t pay out is patently ludicrous as players would catch on very quickly; however, independent auditing makes sure that the payout to players is fair. Players should question any site that doesn’t submit to an independent audit and if you become aware that the site you are playing on is not independently audited, we recommend you stop playing there.

Customer response

Every above board site will look into players’ grievances straight away and on finding any cause for complaint will recover any lost money or bonuses straight away. Any site that does not respond to a customer query should be flagged as potentially unsafe; many of the hoax sites out there don’t even have an email address, which should set alarm bells ringing.

Let us know at Bingo Hideout if you suspect any site of anything less than professionalism towards players. Genuine complaints will be taken seriously by our admin and followed up immediately. We have already helped some of our members recover lost bonuses and prizes from sites recommended through us, so let us know and we'll see what we can do for you

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