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Keep those grey cells young with online bingo

  • 22 Sep 08
  • Written by

Bingo keeps your brain young!We have all known it for years, since it's part of the appeal of the game, but it would seem that playing bingo is not only the best fun you can have fully clothed, it's also good for the mind!

With internet bingo games changing in format and overall length all the time, the reason playing bingo is so good for your mind is the speed at which we now play. In order to keep track of all the information -especially if you play with auto daub off – and to stay on top of the game your mind has to work very hard and process all the information that calls, chat and your cards are telling you extremely quickly.

In terms of live bingo, it has long been recognised that the hand-eye coordination needed to stay in the game is lightning fast, but tests of players conducted by Southampton University's Psychology Department have shown that playing bingo games is one way to keep these skills honed. In doing this complex activity and staying focused on the game your brain is working synapses that otherwise fall behind in terms of general day-to-day usage. So it seems playing bingo actually keeps your brain fit and young!

What more could we ask of any game than to provide us with an agile mind as well as fantastic prizes, jackpots and friends? While bingo is not a game of skill unlike chess, you won't make as many friends while playing chess online against a computer or feel so positive and loved after a game!

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