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Live assistants: online gimmick or a helpful add-on?

  • 22 Apr 08
  • Written by

Online bingo assistantsSites such as Bingo Cafe UK and Bingo Liner offer players a 3D taste of their bingo world as well as an interactive bingo assistant, but is this a flashy attention-grabbing gimmick or do these assistants help newbies to get a feel for the game? And if so why don't all sites have them?

Live assistants are obviously not necessarily exactly what they say they are; you are not always talking directly to a person as much as typing help questions to an automated response engine. While this system may look impressive and futuristic, the truth is that often a simple manual look around the site if you've played before or a phone call to the 24hr helpline if you're really stuck can be more effective and take less time.

There are many pages on the Internet which describe how to play online bingo and, although you may have chosen a new site that you're unfamiliar with,
the basics remain the same from site to site and a simple refresher
brief on one of these pages and a glance at a site review beforehand
(preferably a guide from Bingo Hideout itself) will enable you to pick
up on what the site offers and what to do.

Sites such as 888 Ladies and Paddy Power Bingo have online tutorials to walk you through the basics of bingo play and these can be as effective if not more so as these do
not crash or take so long to load. Simple graphics then can be as
beneficial to players as features that slow down the process of getting
online and playing.

In conclusion if you want to get fast help with the site you're playing at, give them a call direct or simply Google the site for reviews. Of course if a problem occurs while
you are in play you can even ask your roomie mates to help you out, or
let the CM know there's a problem. There's always a way
to get your problem resolved; one of the best things about online bingo
is that every site has a version of 24hr help, even if it doesn't rely on flash graphics. So don't panic: even if
the site stops working as you 'bingo', someone will
sort out your technical problems as soon as you let them know.

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