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Make room for the newbies!

  • 16 Oct 08
  • Written by

Online bingo newbiesIn the light of many bingo sites expanding the number of available rooms in existing sites, this week we have been considering the growing sway that the newbie has in online bingo land. Whether newcomers to the game realise it or not, the sheer numbers of those joining on the strength of free bingo money promotions and bingo bonuses means that online bingo as we know it is changing shape every day.

Since the launch of new ad campaigns and sponsorship deals from the like of Wink Bingo, Tombola, Ladbrokes and Foxy Bingo, the take up for internet bingo has gone through the roof. This fact has caused Wink to expand to take on yet more players and the Mirror site to now open a 90-ball room simply for newbies.

This influx of members was seen at first to be a difficult issue among long-standing players who resented the huge numbers in games, but now it seems the tide is turning and sites are ready to admit that having players crammed into any one room is unacceptable. This is fantastic for all players when you consider that as we all know the more players in any game, the less chance of winning!

Since sites that have been running recent promotions are now ready to address the issue of swelling numbers, this recognition demonstrates the sway that newbies have had on redefining halls. This in turn means we can, as long-standing players, think again about what we can demand of our favourite sites.

This can only be a good thing, so let's welcome the newbies and get chatting.

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