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New software coming online

  • 09 Mar 09
  • Written by

Following the announcement that Boss Media are bringing a new bingo software package online, we have been investigating how this new package is going to as advertised ‘provide additional entertainment during bingo sessions’.

This Swedish company is one of the biggest operators around and with promises of ‘an entertaining gaming experience like no other’ and a further promise of a software which ‘supports countless languages and currencies making it a perfect platform for bingo operators around the globe’ we were fascinated by the new software and its revolutionary approach to our favourite game.

More sociability sounds good to us

The new white label gaming platform is set to enhance the social gaming network across bingo sites allowing more accessibility to players to poker games, casino games and all other betting opportunities offered by the client. Since this operator already supports both international betting and casino sites, we are very excited to see how their fresh approach to bingo online will ripple out across the current software packages.

Who are you betting with?

Matters of which software is supporting the site is for most players not really the most essential aspect of the game of course, but if the software fails, or the game times out their attitudes may change sooner than expected.

Here at the Hideout we enjoy staying abreast of what’s on offer to internet bingo players, so we can recommend the best experience to our members. With many of the biggest software giants currently promoting multi lingual functionality such as Boss Media, we are intrigued as to whether on site can ultimately host one game to players in different countries if the laws of gaming allow it.

For now it’s good from the perspective of site hosts that to buy one software package allows the freedom to personalise the site for whichever audience they target, but imagine how amazing it would be to get involved in an international game of bingo and chat with players from across the globe?

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