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Olympian Bingo

  • 29 Aug 08
  • Written by

Olympic online bingoHaving had the most successful Olympics in a hundred years the nation has been gripped by a passion for success.

We at Bingo Hideout have been contemplating how this new found vigour and taste for being the best can be translated into our daily ethic and have come up with the notion of a mini Bingo Olympics for the many UK bingo sites we house in our directory.

When it comes to member ratings we could award one of the three medal levels to a bingo site according to the rating you have given it. Looking at the evidence, however, we thought that rather than give out medals to some and not to others we are only going to award gold status to your favourite sites, as we'd be here for a long time otherwise!

Using your ratings as the basis of our rewards lets take a
look at the winners. The following sites all get gold medals:

Congratulations to each of these and commiseration to all the
others; most only lost out by half a star but we felt compelled to
celebrate those sites that you love the most in the light of how well
they've done.

Your opinions and reviews for all the sites we have at the
Hideout are always the most important input we could have to draw on as
a portal, and so we thank you on behalf of these sites for your

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