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One site too many or the more the merrier?

  • 12 Jul 08
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Online bingo choice

As all regular players of online bingo are aware, there are an ever-increasing number of sites to play on in the UK. Giving us more choice than we know what to do with, these sites each have their own strong points yet some become more popular than others.

This week we've been wondering about how players come to choose the site or sites they play on. It's common for players of online bingo to have a favourite, which they play bigger games on but what are the benefits to playing on more than one site?

Loyalty Schemes

So many of the sites around have loyalty schemes to keep players on site and welcome bonuses offered on each can be over and above 100% when you first deposit. This can work in terms of keeping a player using the site generally, but in terms of enjoying the game and all the bonuses available it's not unusual for players to play on other sites in addition to their main site.

Although dipping into a large number of sites
won't get you on the VIP list of any, it does get you access to
the games you wish your main site had. Whether you fancy a quick game
of 80-ball bingo on Gala or 30-ball bingo on Gone Bingo
, there's nothing to say you can't change sites at any
time and you can use free play on most to get to know the format before
you deposit.

Making Friends

Moving around from
site to site is clearly also another form of socialising in the wider
online bingo community. This is not only a cool way to make new friends but also an excellent way to see what you're missing out on in terms of loyalty schemes and promos.

some sites offer fantastic jackpots but no loyalty rewards,
it's often a good idea to play regularly on the one that earn
you most Bonus Bucks or points and visit other sites when
there's a big game on. Playing on a number of sites offers
players many benefits and choice of side-games it also means you
won't get tired of the format of your favourite site. After all
no one wants to put money into a loyalty scheme and not stay around
long enough to reap the benefits.

you're looking to find an alternative to your current site,
check out our directory of recommended sites and make the most of your
gaming time.

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