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Online Bingo and Bingo Hall Experiences

  • 10 Feb 08
  • Written by admin

Online bingo or bingo halls?This week we thought we’d take a look at what the differences are between online and live bingo experiences.

Bingo halls are still an incredibly popular way to play our favourite game, and the chances are if you’re a regular on any of our recommended sites you might have missed the changes going on in live bingo. After all it is of course still possible to enjoy both – especially if you’re a currently a member of Gala or Mecca.

The main thing we’ve definitely noticed over the last few months in various forums are comments that bingo halls are now much nicer environments to play in now the fug of smoke has been lifted. Since the permanent smoke screen was the biggest turn off for less regular players, live bingo is becoming more popular again since the smoking ban came into affect.

A trip to the Bingo hall

One of the biggest advantages live bingo has is being a directly shared experience. It is easier to incorporate a visit to a bingo hall into part of a social evening with a group of friends than it is to organise a joint game online unless your roomies are regular players with similar lifestyle patterns.

Live bingo is also important for the elderly section of the audience as it provides entertainment that is fun and organised trips to the bingo hall help even the frailest players get out and see their friends. Live bingo is not just for the older generations though; with bigger jackpots being introduced all the time, halls such as Mecca and Gala are attracting younger players who seem to have little or no faith in winning the Lottery but still want a big win.

Although online bingo has the bonus of chat – which is almost impossible to maintain during a live game without annoying other players! – the feeling of tension on your table as the call for two balls to go goes up is more tangible in live bingo without a doubt.

Online bingo is better!

Online bingo has many advantages over live bingo in the sense that if you can use a computer, you can play your favourite game anywhere and at any hour. Whereas bingo halls are shut well before 11, online bingo is 24/7 offering even night workers and shift workers the chance to play their favourite game often for a cheaper price.

Although online bingo has the disadvantage of not meeting with your roomies face to face unlike live bingo, Foxy organise a yearly cruise for its members which has been a resounding success and other sites are sure to follow suit soon.

Whichever way you choose to play your favourite game, we hope you’ll stay with Bingo Hideout and rely on us to point you in the direction of all the best games around.

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