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Part of the Union?

  • 14 Jun 08
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Bingo Players UnionThis week we've written a follow up to the Bingo Hideout forum thread about negative reviews for online sites. We have been looking at whether bad reviews are generally from players whose noses have been put out of joint by not winning who now want something for nothing. As suggested by Bingo Hideout Member Mellymoo we have also looked into the uses of joining the Bingo Players’ Union.

The benefits

Signing up with the Bingo Players’ Union boasts the benefits of providing a space where players can engage with the bingo industry to iron out the rough spots in play and suggest sites that are recommended as safe. Based in America, this site welcomes players from across the online bingo universe and is conversant with most languages.

Feeling lost?

Joining this site gives you the chance to formalise any problems you have encountered with online bingo sites, though the admin does not approve of 'site trashing'. Used as the starting point for conversations between aggrieved or confused players and the industry, the Bingo Players’ Union site is an excellent remedy to the feeling of being lost among industry giants when things aren't working out as promised.

Player insurance

The Bingo Players’ Union holds a lot of sway when it comes to genuine problems with a site and can help their members to recover lost bonuses and prizes. It's a sensible idea to join up even if you have no current problems just in case; becoming a member is your best bet for getting future problems seen to.

Be a member of both!

This site does its best on behalf of its members – but remember Bingo Hideout can also help you recover monies lost in cyberspace. We are always happy to help our Members and if you've experienced problems recovering bonuses or prizes on any of the sites recommended on this site we hold a considerable sway in as far as sorting your issue out is concerned.

We see this service as part of our effort to help our members enjoy the game, and we’re pleased to help in the event of a genuine grievance. We will not respond to cheesed off players who are unhappy with their win rate but we will do our best to resolve all other problems.

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