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Shake your bingo wings along with Biggins

  • 26 Sep 08
  • Written by

Wave your bingo wingsWe all know the old B I N G O song about the farmer's dog but luckily there is another new song to come on the scene with bingo as its theme.

Thanks to Christopher Biggins, star of I'm A Celebrity, the new 'Bingo Wings' song (a song dedicated to the beauty of being big) is becoming hugely popular. Although not every player of Internet bingo has 'bingo wings' in the traditional sense, this song has a positive message for the larger lady and is all about letting your hair down and having fun.

In our opinion here at the Hideout, the message behind this song describes free uk bingo and cash-based games better than any song about a dog and it's great fun too! Of course, the term 'bingo win-gs' could be applied to the game in another positive fashion and we at the Hideout are campaigning for the term to be adopted across the big bingo sites as a sign of celebration; after all, when players win big they can be said to be flying on their 'bingo win-gs' while they celebrate their bingo bonus.

What do you think of this idea? We think it's a great idea to appropriate a negative term and give it a positive spin. So let us know if you've got your 'bingo win-gs' on this week after winning or after meeting someone special while online. Let us know what's been going on in your game so we can celebrate with you!

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