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The benefits of land based bingo and online bingo

  • 24 Jun 09
  • Written by admin

Crown Bingo

In light of the massive changes taking place in both online and land based bingo over the last few years, we thought we’d pit these forms of the game against each other in a fun playoff to see which one is the ultimate form of play.

We realised soon enough that there can be no ultimate winner of course since the fact remains that we all love bingo and no matter how we choose to play it, it’s the thrill of the game that appeals to most players. Despite this our fun overview of the benefits of each game form proved interesting food for thought to all in the office, so we thought we’d share our thoughts with you, so here goes…

Best points of land based bingo

Famous for the community interaction, live bingo is a fantastic way to spend a night with your mates. With bars and food available you can really get your teeth into a game at your local hall, and enjoy the on stage entertainment too! Playing at a live hall can form the perfect beginning to a girl’s night out for example – especially if one of you hits the jackpot!

Best points of online bingo

The convenience of an online game means that anyone can play no matter what hours their jobs or family life dictate. This huge availability gives online bingo the edge over live bingo in terms of the younger player, since they are less likely to be able to make set session times as elder players are. Many online bingo sites also now offer bingo games for your mobile too, so you can take your game anywhere you like. With the advantage of keeping you entertained no matter where you are, it would seem that online bingo sites offer a certain freedom to the game that cannot be gained from live play.

Luckily with a ready supply of online bingo sites which offer both versions of play, you can stick with the brand style of play that you like the best no matter where you play of course so you’ll never really have to choose which form is best. Sites in our Directory which offer players both choices of gaming experience include the bigger UK bingo brand names such as Mecca Bingo, Gala Bingo, Crown Bingo and Bucky Bingo.


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