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The unsung heros of online bingo?

  • 24 Jul 09
  • Written by admin

888 Ladies

No we’re not suggesting that online bingo portals are the unsung heros of online bingo -though we will admit that we are pretty brilliant at what we do- here we’d like to think about CM’s and how they influence not only the games we play, but also the way in which we think of the site itself.

How to say that all important thank you

Though there are many ways in which to thank a good CM for helping you to get what you want from your game across many sites, it’s true that most players forget to leave feedback for a CM unless they are requested to do so directly. Making these important staff members a little overlooked in the overall bingo experience, we’d like this week to remind all our members that taking the time to thank your favourite CM directly is a fantasitc way to give something back to a game that gives us all great pleasure.

What makes CM’s so important

The CM award site represents a sound investment in those whose positive attitude can influence everything from whether a newbie stays at a site to whether a nervous player joins in the live chat for the first time. Voting for your favourite couldn’t be easier, and won’t take five minutes of your time. So why not get on the community pages of the site you love best and encourage others players to vote too. In order to vote all you have to do is type a short reason for nominating your CM in the box and make sure you add which site they are from, your personal details and who knows he or she could be in for a pleasant surprise when the next update is added to the site.

Is your favourite as cheeky as Chica of 888 Ladies?

At this invaluable site you’ll also be able to check out the latest leaderboard figures so you can see exactly how well your campaign for your favourite CM is going over the next month or so. With so many players currently regularly taking part in UK online bingo, we would like to see new CM’s coming on to the regular leaderboard from across our Directory – after all without a good CM, the site is lost in terms of authority in chat and in terms of having a member of staff who is both approachable and knowledgeable.


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