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Tombola Bingo Raise Their Profile

  • 07 Sep 08
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Tombola online bingoSince the much-publicised move by Sun Bingo from the Tombola site, there has been much speculation about how players would react. Having lost the UK's largest internet bingo site, Tombola Bingo has hit back with a new ad campaign that emphasises that it has retained all the features that Sun players were first attracted by.

This cool ad campaign is based on the idea of a theme park and is the perfect re-launch for a bingo site that is now offering an additional free game called Carnival. A fantastic add-on, you can even win yourself a share of a red hot £50,000 during September.

This new move by a platform to promote itself proves that it although the Sun online bingo site is gone, Tombola won't be forgotten. In fact since the move www.tombola.co.uk have proved very keen to stress the exclusive games such as the hugely popular Hamster Race that remain on this site. This game is one of the most innovative mini games around and allows you to win up to £1,000 so is well worth promoting.

Another of Tombola's defining features is the huge potential for chat, which the new Sun site hasn't yet been able to replicate. With up to 5 places to chat in every hall, features such as this made the original Sun site so massive a hit. As if all this wasn't enough, Tombola are gearing up for a site with more punch with their soon-to-be-launched Bingo Lite feature. At Bingo Lite you will be able to play for as little 2p in one of three rooms Bubble Feather and Fizz giving you cheaper games and more chat than ever.

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