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Top tips to help you get the most from your site.

  • 01 Apr 09
  • Written by admin

Bingo Liner UK

This week we’ve been putting together a quick guide to help our members get the most from whichever site they choose to play on. After all it’s our job to make sure you are getting the most from your gaming experience so here are some of the hottest tips around if you’re looking to improve your game.

Spam, spam wonderful spam

Once you have signed up to your site of choice, make sure you turn off the spam filter off on your personal email. Many of the bigger email hosts automatically put gaming emails into the junk folder, without you having even seen them. If this is happening to your mail it can mean you are missing out on essential updates and newsletters from your site.

Keep on top of software updates

If your site offers an instant play option, once you are satisfied that you like the site, make sure you download software for better graphics and updates. Taking up the site’s offer of an enhanced experience will only improve your game, especially in terms of sites such as Bingo Liner UK and Bingo Cafe where the software allows you to create avatars which interact with other players in a 3d setting.

Make sure you are a high profile player

You should also work regularly on keeping your players profile up to date. Some sites occasionally offer bonus points toward a monthly tourney if you update pictures, but whether or not you’ll get anything back in terms of a win is irrelevant when you consider the amount of friends you can make. As you may have noticed at the Hideout when a member has a profile that has a photo, you’re more likely to remember and wan t to talk to that member at a later date. This applies to the gaming experience too, and players love to be able to properly recognise each other since its’ an extention of their overall social interaction experience.

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