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TV bingo – what do you think?

  • 27 Jul 08
  • Written by

As discussed at the third online bingo summit, television bingo is widely considered to be the next big thing in the world of the gaming. With more and more sites such as Gala Bingo and Bingo on the Box dedicating their game time to TV, we have been wondering just how many of our members have checked out this new and popular way to play.

Telly bingo has been cited as a development as big as bingo's online launch and with its potential to reach to more players than ever, investors are becoming increasingly interested in exploring this new medium for bingo. This interest can be seen in the latest deal between Microgaming and Bingo on the Box. TV Bingo is considered the cutting edge format at the moment, with more synced online bingo sites and channels becoming available all the time.

Most of our family of sites that are currently exploring this new
media are currently showing games through Sky, which does limit
accessibility a touch, but gives the industry the opportunity to
explore the possibilities of translation of the game on a slightly
smaller scale. Of course ITV Bingo have covered the niche in
terrestrial bingo games so far and it seems to be going well with a steady increase in players week on week.

Currently there is still one other problem preventing new players joining, which is still an obstacle even for online bingo sites. Without an Internet connection players cannot access the tickets for the televised game unless they use someone else's
PC in advance. Not everyone has access to Sky or the Internet and less
still both, but as the popularity of the game spreads to mainstream
channels, so the take up on Internet connections will continue to grow, accommodating the demand this will create.

Hopefully this foray into new
media will come full circle at some point soon and become available on
terrestrial television within primetime hours. We at the Hideout are
very excited by the opportunities that such a development might bring
to the industry should this happen.

After all, more players always means higher jackpots and better investment for player entertainment, no matter what format the game takes and since all of the TV bingo games are synced with an online bingo site, the player numbers also improves your online game even if you don't play the telly bingo game.

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